Those illusions were beautiful.

Here I would like to say a word for the spectacular illusions under which American voters once were able to operate. You used to be able to like your guy—to admire your candidate and imagine unknown virtues he no doubt possessed that would be revealed in time, in books. Those illusions were beautiful. They gave clean energy to the engine of our politics. You can’t have illusions anymore. That souring, which is based on knowledge and observation as opposed to mere cynicism, is painful to witness and bear. The other day a conservative intellectual declared to her fellow writers and thinkers: “I’m for the venal idiot who won’t mechanize government against all I hold dear.” That’s some bumper sticker, isn’t it?

~ Peggy Noonan, America’s Decadent Leadership Class


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  1. So sad we have a choice betwee Humpty and Dumpty. Humpty is so horrible there is no real choice, but Dumpty shouldn’t feel proud because many of us are reluctant supporters. Sad time for this country.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    The choice is extremely clear if of course you research learn and know the facts that face not only the USA but the world entirely

    And that choice is yours to make depending upon what type of America you want to leave behind for your children and grandchildren

    That choice we face is


    Americanism to keep our freedoms and to keep America’s sovereignty

    Globalism one world government ruling not only the USA but the world

    Trump = Americanism

    Hillary = Globalism

    Everything else you hear you read is nothing more than a distraction don’t fall for it if you haven’t already and if you have fallen for the distractions…snap out of it

    Your children are depending on you…󾓦

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  3. In Canada, we call it a Gong Show. It’s a big lost for Americans.

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  4. I find it a sad state of affairs, indeed, when we (even have to) engage in this vein of conversation. It speaks well of…no one.

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  5. There are more options besides just the two we see…

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  6. I don’t envy your choice America! However, this will affect everyone in the world. Choose wisely.,🙏🏻

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  7. Incredibly sad for the US to have fallen so low. I do not understand the pervasive animosity to Hillary, but it seems obvious that she is the viable choice and not the “lesser of two evils.”

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  8. Try explaining it to a 12-year old who is so wise, bright and sensitive. She asked me all the right questions at breakfast few days ago.
    Now, I can’t get myself to watch the debates, or I’ll vomit my dinner.
    She watched with my husband and the rest.
    Her final conclusion…
    “Mama, judging by the way those two talk I don’t think they have happy homes, or happy with their spouses. You and daddy don’t talk like this to each other, or with anyone…”

    As a woman, NOT proud Hillary will be our first female president.
    To me it’s Hillary vs. Hillary, I’m not even looking at the “Clown.”
    Definitely lesser of two evils :/

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  9. I can’t even go here, for if I do, I won’t stop…

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  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The time when we had illusions! Remember them?
    I yearn for that time.

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