Sunday Morning


Once we get the human part down, “stop slamming doors” and start loving rocks…

Get the ordinary human thing down, and you will have all the spirituality that you can handle.

Richard Rohr, Adapted from Contemplation in Action


Notes: Quote – Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels. Photo: “Isaac” by Natalya Karavay


  1. You have hit the nail on the head. Love this one. :o)

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  2. mere mortals, all –

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  3. The ordinariness of our humanity…which is so incredibly extraordinary

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  4. I’ll get the Sunday morning paper, you make the coffee…

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  5. “And start loving rocks.”
    Very interesting choice of image to pair, not a woman!

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  6. I’ve always been a rock hound…I gather many rocks this summer in Montana…I was lucky that one of the neighbor men, when I was a girl was a geologist for the state…he supplemented my rock collection, nicely…and some other neighbor’s were redecorating their living room, including re facing their fireplace and hearth with gorgeous pink and veined marble, quarried from Italy…of course they gave me a nice piece…I love gifts of leftovers 🙂 /// rock climbing is interesting to watch, I bet those that climb do reach a spiritual uplifting..once in Yosemite National Park we watched some climbers going up Half Dome…The beauty of the rocks in Canyonland’s NP and Arches NP are so colorful and the formations, stunning…the basalt cliffs along the oceans and towering along the river, so powerful…I like to sit on boulders, warmed by the sun,along the river, so peaceful….God is my Rock and the Bible talks of rocks and stones…and btw I also collect stamps! I so appreciate the fine art detail and history…

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  7. Amazing. And also, growing up, my dad read and followed Richard Rohr almost religiously (pun intended). I heard him speak once – brilliant doesn’t come close to describing the way his heart and mind operate. What an unexpected gift to find a bit of my growing up in your post DK.

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  8. I so agree with this quote. Ordinary humans. Rocks, nature, yes!

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