1. Hump day or not. I love the photo. :o)

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  2. Caleb marveling at wonders even greater than he is (at least in size and scope)

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  3. In awe of that soft-edged light. The familiar glow of comfort will envelope you and your memories once again. When it is time. Give it some. May take a while. Be patient.

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  4. makes u feel small….

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  5. ‘Pyramidal shock and awe’ day, I’m thinkin….

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  6. Gift of glory… amazing array of colors…the golden hour of sunset, representing the end of light shone upon that region of the world day…hope that those who went on about their day, under the sun, saw much that illuminated their spirit…as they head into a subdued time, settling into rest…

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  7. I’m off for the rest of the month.
    Don’t. care. what. day. it. is.

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  8. Lovely picture. I rode a camel to the pyramids – great experience.

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  9. You expect me to climb up where?!!!!

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  10. Welcome back from vacation, Caleb.

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