• Photo: Steve McCurry with Camels in Dust Storm, Jaisaimer, India, 2010
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. Slogging through hump day?

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  2. I remember with you what day it is 🙂 But I hope, wish, and pray a day for the peaceful world…Thanks and Love, nia

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  3. *Extreme* exfoliation day!

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  4. blowin’ in the wind day

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  5. We will all make it through David 💛

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  6. Hump Day? You crack me up every Wednesday! Love your wit and these regular Wednesday treats, David!

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  7. Hi David
    I don’t have the Dunes on my bucket list, living in Texas the heat is enough for me.
    Hope you are doing well and healthy.

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  8. Did you know he has a WP account ? He doesn’t post often…but when he does…magic.

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  9. I hope someone has a compass.

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  10. Believe it or not David I do not have to worry about Wed. because I am retired but, I still look forward to your post. You make an old lady smile and that’s a good thing. Happy Hump Day. :o)

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  11. Poor Caleb. I spent a night in a Sahara sand storm – not pleasant.

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