Meryl Streep: A League of Her Own


While Streep, 67, who has racked up a record 19 Academy Award acting nominations, receives such praise with grace, when she says she is merely happy to be acting she is not simply being modest. “On a certain level you don’t have any choice—you’re unhappy if you’re not doing it, so you’re compelled in a certain way. And if you’re lucky you can keep working,” she says. “But everybody has troughs and dismal times—every single person…Those anxieties help explain why Streep is pleased to be as prolific as at any time in her nearly 40-year film career.


Streep eventually realized that, despite having a lovely voice, she wasn’t good enough to be a professional diva. And though she sang plenty, Streep left her dreams of singing opera behind. Until Florence Foster Jenkins. “Yeah, there were moments when you’d say, ‘Sing worse,’ ” Streep says to Frears. “You were quite close,” Frears responds, referring to Jenkins’s idiosyncratic intonation.

As Streep pauses in appreciation, I’m reminded of a moment late in the film. Stripped of her wildly outlandish attire, Jenkins delivers a line that resounds like a credo: “They may say I can’t sing, but they can never say I didn’t sing.” This may be true for Streep, who like Jenkins is striving with all her heart, though she holds herself to a higher standard: her own.

“At the end, I sort of thought, Well, that was good,” Streep says, nodding. “I thought I’d done well, sounded good.” She pauses and adds with a laugh: “I also thought I looked good. Someone should have told me!”

~ Alex Bhattacharji, Meryl Streep: A League of Her Own




  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Florence Foster Jenkins” … waiting on this one!!

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  2. Amazing talent. Her performance in Sophie’s Choice…just blew me away. Still does. She’s a chameleon.

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  3. I love this talented woman! Looking forward to seeing the movie 😃

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  4. Is there anything she can’t do?

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  5. she is, and always has been, one of my favorite people. i love the quote about singing, a great philosophy for how to live life.

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  6. Brilliant, beautiful, bold – she never ceases to amaze

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  7. Her talent is epic, her humility a lesson for us all. Love. This. Actress.

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  8. One of my favorite actresses.
    And when ever I don’t have time to shower, like all day yesterday, I remember her acceptance speech from few years ago.
    “If I knew I was going to win I would have taken a shower.”

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  9. Wow, she’s 67??? She’s one of my favourites! ❤
    Diana xo

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  10. Real, talented and gorgeous! 💚😎

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  11. Ever since Out of Africa,and actually even before that Meryl has been my favorite actress..Who can forget that incredible performance? Actually it was Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep who stole the show in Kramer versus Kramer that began to spark an interest in so many..”Who was that girl?”..and the rest is history..

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  12. I can’t wait to se this. Streep does seem to be one of a kind.

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  13. She lives life…every ounce.
    I look forward to seeing this movie.

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  14. Love her. Or what she allows others to see, anyway 😉

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  15. Thought this might be of interest:
    32 of the best commencement addresses (subjective of course)
    Meryl Streep on change and making our own “normal” (Barnard, 2010)
    “Really, there is no ‘normal.’ There’s only change, and resistance to it, and then more change.” The commencement address she gave can be read in entirety or one may view a 28 minute video (I have done neither) Her commencement is number 20 on the list., from Brain pickings…

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