God @TheTweetofGod


“I’ve lost control of the situation.”

God‏ @TheTweetOfGod

Notes: Quote Source – Beth @ Alive on all Channels. Photo: Tweets of God.


  1. Can I hear an ‘amen’….though my disappointment is not with G-d, but with ourselves. Free will?

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  2. yes!

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  3. Amen.

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  4. Perfectly said, God.

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  5. For my own good I’m refraining from commenting on this one!

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  6. A friend left a comment for me saying: “Oh no, but God’s always good!” to which I could only reply, “You know G*d doesn’t really have a twitter account, right?”

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  7. Yes, you have. Now what?

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  8. good that at least God is honest–though I do not really believe he has lost control of the situation–maybe he is just trying to get all 151 Pokemen and is too busy playing Pokeman Go…..

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  9. No – He, who is control cannot lose control. But, He did loose it us. We have that power given to us. We can either use that power to look to Him, or, to ourselves. It’s obvious that we chose the latter.

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  10. Free will is out of control. Ughh

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  11. lol 🙂

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  12. What a shock. Poor God.

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  13. In a particularly indulgent / unproductive activity this week, I managed to review quite a bit of @thetweetofgod’s twitter timeline and wow He/She is really clever. I wonder why no more posts ….

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  14. Someone certainly has!!

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