Saturday Morning


Each breath a “yes,”
and a letting go,
a journey,
and a coming home.

~ Danna Faulds, “Breath of Life” from Go In and In:  Poems from the Heart of Yoga

Notes: Photo – Purvi Joshi with Tired Rapunzel



  1. Yes. Saturday morning. Ease into your weekend, my friend,

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  2. 🙂
    A journey and a coming home.

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  3. Christie says:

    Often, with ease, the rhythm so automatic, the gift of the present breath moment has cycled through…some moments of life giving breath, memorable…such as the midwife witness, of the sacred intake and release of a babies first breath outside the womb, cradling that baby and feeling the power of divine grace… in the span of a breath the taste of ice cream brings delight, a first kiss happens, the depth of breath taken in while marveling at the glory of morning’s first light moving over the Grand Canyon … I am so blessed to have had most of my breaths, come with ease…many others peoples breath happen within thick, fog of pollution, the chronic smoker’s breath can be raspy, some ill people’s breaths are strained, labored, while others breaths come to them while being held in captive oppression and I believe they still feel that each breath is worth the struggle of grasp…one breath is followed with another and the once present impact of breath is now a memory within the journey of life…a life that started with an intake of breath, ceases with the last exhale of breath…each breath is such a gift…

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  4. Christie says:

    “struggle of grasp” perhaps i should have said struggle of gasp? I think both words work.(always a work in progress & I learn much by reviewing) ..I probably should have spoken of a singer’s controlled breath and the out-pouring gift of their controlled ability…or a swimmer’s breath rhythm…

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  5. The weekend…two days to catch your breath, break out of the routine, recalibrate. Enjoy pal!

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