Last Exit to Elsewhere

Hang in there to the end of this video…

I’d gone out, come back around, only to find one thing. I was older. And, here I was trying to make sense of things. To say there is nothing out there is incorrect. To say that the desert is stingy with everything except space and light, stone and earth is closer to the truth. I still dream, but I’m not restless anymore.


  1. W.o.w

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  2. I need a smoke ….

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  3. Exactly…
    And a smoke, and going back to bed!

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  5. And yet, the restlessness can linger. Longer than one might expect.

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  6. . . . arriving at a place of clarity.

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  7. powerful and strong, like his voice.

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  8. A pretty accurate description of getting older….

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  9. The voice is hypnotizing…all his videos are special each in their unique way.

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  10. “I still dream but I’m not restless anymore.” I meet a lot of restless people. Always looking for more out there or in someone. It’s why we keep searching, only to realise it was always in us. Amazing landscape. Amazing voice. 👌

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  11. I’d follow that Voice to the end of the dream and back.

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