Can’t take that first step? Just Do it.


It’s a 1,550-foot TV tower, the 4th-tallest structure in the world.

He used no ropes, no nets, no safety harness.

50 mph wind gusts.

The only thing worrying him….was that “he had no control over them randomly turning the antenna on, effectively killing me – – this was a hard thing to put out of my mind.”

A this coming from a Man formerly afraid of heights. (Less than one year ago.)

There’s more background and a video of his climb here: No Nets, No Ropes, No Fear.

And me? I just look at the photo and I need clean underwear. 

Source: Grindtv



  1. i had to take a quick glance and move the picture off my screen –

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  2. No friggin way…. I wouldn’t be worried about the antenna because I’d take one look down and die of fright. Just sayin….

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  3. and I ask: why?

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  4. No. No. No.

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  5. Dam….
    I thought he would base jump off.

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  6. … Can hardly move the mouse, my hands are sweating so much.
    Thankfully I never found a “tempting death” stage in my life.

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  7. My father had a fear of heights. He hid it well. I took him up 10,000 ft. in an open ski lift on a breezy summer day in Park City, Utah. He showed no fear, but teased me about torturing him, some 20 years later. Who knew ?? ☺ This guy’s courage is something else.

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  8. No, not even the first one.

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  9. I never have a fear of heights. But everybody has own fear/s of something. However, when you overcome your fear, it’s 1 of the strongest and great feeling.
    A problem is, your mind will find a new fear for you. LOL

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  10. Just watched the video on a full stomach.
    Big Mistake!

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  11. I like my life better than he likes his.

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  12. Ummmm, no.

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  13. Yikes!

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  14. I respect that he was able to overcome his fear of heights. I watched the video and thought that his adventure is not for me…I wonder about those that love him, what must they think about the selfish way in which he endangers his life, purposely for a rush…/// at one point my husband lived within half an hour of that tower…he and a buddy walked out in the field and had to lay down a short distance from the tower’s base to be able to take in the tower’s height…

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  15. I tried to watch, I really did. I watched the start, maybe almost a quarter.. sweating palms? That was the least of it! And yes, like Christie I wonder about all those who love him. My two daredevil sons (I have four sons altogether) terrify me quite sufficiently with their planes, motorbikes and wall jumping.. but this, I cannot imagine ..

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  16. christinesat says:

    Looking at this photo the first time, took my breath away. And ist still does.

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