A little dazed perhaps (wow)

A little dazed perhaps…(right!)


  1. That was hard to watch while holding one’s breath…

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    • Yes, it was. But to see him/her stand up, wobble and shake – heartwarming. The video reminds me of a portion of a share in Steve Layman‘s post this morning:

      “the sublime is not in the prestigious and the lofty but in the everyday and the lowly. It is in the washing of feet, not in triumphal arches. Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled. Whoever humbles himself shall be exalted. One goes down in order to rise up. As Augustine put it, ‘Where there’s humility, there’s majesty; where there’s weakness, there’s might; where there’s death, there’s life. If you want to get these things, don’t disdain those.'”

      – David Brooks, as excerpted from his chapter, Ordered Love, in his book, The Road to Character

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  2. These are genetically enhanced professionals. Do not try this at home, you will die.

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  3. You would think they’d be breaking legs, but I guess they don’t weigh much and are more like little balls of fluff landing on the rocks on their way down the cliff. Still – hard to watch.

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  4. Ya think? Ouch. That was the never ending fall!

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  5. I’m sorry, but there’s GOT to be a better way! Poor little thing went down the mountainside like a ping pong ball. I’m with Mimi and Anneli–that descent was tough to bear…. We have turtle crossings and deer crossings here in the States–couldn’t we set up some sort of airlift program for these little tykes?! 😉

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  6. That’s what I call the school of hard knocks! Thanks David

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  7. Wow is right. An amazing species. The sound quality is so good, I felt every time he hit those rocks. Brilliant piece of film. ☺

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  8. Oh my goodness. That was hard to watch. I don’t know how it survived.

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  9. Wow! I held my breath for four minutes! How brave, how amazing.

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  10. Cripes, Nature is hard.

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  11. That was a big drop for a little fluffy thing! I like the way mum and dad met them at the bottom!! 😀 Next time I’m worried about taking the plunge I’ll remember this one!

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  12. Amazing what loving set of parents confident in your greatness will do to encourage you live your destiny! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, David!

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