More buoyant than before


I was heading up Sixth Avenue and stopped to buy a new watch cap from a street vendor. As I pulled it on an old man approached me. His blue eyes burned and his hair was white as snow. I noticed that his wool gloves were unraveling and his left hand was bandaged.

—Give me the money you have in your pocket, he said.

Either I am being tested, I thought, or I have wandered into the opening of a modern fairy tale. I had a twenty and three singles, which I placed in his hand.

—Good, he said after a moment, and then returned the twenty.

I thanked him and continued on, more buoyant than before.

~ Patti Smith, M Train



  1. pass on what you have, to someone who hasn’t. everything is fluid. it comes and goes, ebb and flow.

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  2. Abundance is letting go!

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  3. Amazing…Scary and full of grace!

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  4. Touched!!!

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  5. Love the purity and simplicity of this exchange. Give what you have, take only what you need…

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  6. Wow. So interesting. The humanity.

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  7. Hahaha that would be a wild experience – love that he returns the twenty! ❤
    Diana xo

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  8. Full disclosure — drafting off the earlier comments and your responses and nodding all along. …uh huh, yeah….nod.
    Buoyant. Perfect.

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  9. He might have said “please.”

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  10. The photo freaked me out David. If the guy looked at me like that I would feel threatened and concerned about my safety.
    If he was small and smiled, or was a woman I would give without thinking….
    Interesting perspectives!

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