We’re not so different

Thank you Eric. (Still laughing)


  1. Ha! Funny but so true! ❤
    Diana xo


  2. Stomach hurts. Still laughing. And, yes, so true.


  3. Not enough room for the many *likes* that I’d like to click. Give me a grape and I’ll make the box bigger…

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  4. love it – good arm!

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  5. Come on! Give this monkey a break 🙂
    I feel for you little sister.
    There’s a lot I’ve been expected to swallow over the years for little return.
    LOVE this!!

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  6. Perfect…that’s the last thing I’m taking away from WP tonight. Thanks. ☺

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  7. Thanks for the post that made me smile..the monkey, so cute, in his displayed actions of being indignant …part of innate survival to stand strong against unfairness…his intellect engaged…

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  8. Ha we always want what the other one is having!

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  9. hahahahaha

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  10. Can’t help but notice the smug expression on the face of the grape-eating monkey. Mama didn’t raise no fool–just keeps poppin’ those puppies into its mouth and looking straight ahead, thinking of its poor counterpart, “Hmmm, sucks to be YOU!”

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