Where are the A+s? Who really knows?


My generation was more like the Un-self-esteem movement. The Self-Disesteem Movement. We were constantly being told what bums and losers we were. Be a man! Suck it up! What’s wrong with you? Those were the child-rearing mantras that our parents, teachers, and coaches—the Greatest Generation—dished out to us. If you brought home a report card with straight A’s, the only question was, “Where are the A+s?”


Whose opinion counts most in the end?

Who’s the one person we can’t fool?

Who really knows how deep we dug or how true we played it?

~ Steven Pressfield, Giving Ourselves Some Props

Notes: Photo – Anja Matko, Self-Portrait, “Afraid of Falling” (via Mennyfox55)



  1. Oh this is exactly what happened to so many. It’s sad. They are in my counseling room each week.

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  2. it is sad and fortunately not all teachers are like this –

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  3. children are fragile. they believe what they’re constantly told. I always clarified to say it was the action I found objectionable, not my child. I cringe, when I hear parents speaking ill to their children!

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  4. Steven’s article was great. Thanks for the link.

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  5. Some of those standards were self-imposed. The curse of the Baby Boomers. ☺

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  6. It sounds a familiar story D:

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  7. Of the man of common sense, the only opinion of him that matters is God’s.

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  8. Afraid to fall…Afraid to disappoint…yet, we must fail and we must disappoint….In reality, our strength lies within our individual self, as Graced from God…we are the one who we must face in the mirror and in my opinion answer to God …

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  9. because we learn from falling….and we learn from standing strong….

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  10. Grateful for the insight here… that’s the reason I am the way I am, and react the way I do. These are the things I need to change…

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