Saturday Morning


What in your life is calling you,
When all the noise is silenced,
The meetings adjourned…
The lists laid aside,
And the Wild Iris blooms
By itself
In the dark forest…
What still pulls on your soul?

~ Rumi ((1207 – 1273)

Credits: Image Source: Mennyfox55. Poem: Your Eyes Blaze Out


  1. Very thought provoking, how I yearn to know my own soul!

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  2. Ah…letting go of regret, my family and friends, what lies beyond, wondering if there is ever enough silence to completely eliminate the white noise. And fearing that kind of quiet a little bit too. Too much? Ok, more coffee

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  3. What have I done with my life? Where do I go from here? Have I made a difference somehow, somewhere, to someone?….

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  4. These are words to lie down with …
    What pulls at my soul is to love more.

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  5. I’m grateful to be able to answer that soft call with my writing, my art, my ability to open to my illness in front of others. My soul seems to respond to this.

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  6. just happy to wake up and i’m always excited for the day’s adventure.

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  7. Right now…it’s the ocean. Haven’t been in a few years; it is soul-soothing to me and I draw a lot of energy from it. On my way….☺

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  8. I’ve not seen this Rumi piece before…perfectly beautiful. Thanks!

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  9. Many things pull at my soul but, for all my writing, I’m at a loss for words to describe exactly what these things are. …Darn you, Rumi, I’m going to be contemplating your words for hours now!

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  10. Mm…very nice, I really love that one! 🙂 An interesting question to ask ourselves, but I many do?

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  11. “Love always” and sharing that where I can 🙂

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