His commitment, full, all his molecules

If you were a fan of comedian Chris Farley, I highly recommend the new documentary on his life titled: I Am Chris Farley. The trailer above gives you a snapshot.  The quotes below are a few of my favorite testimonials from the film.

Mike Myers: “I was very influenced by his commitment, full, all his molecules, and anybody around him’s molecules, pulled into his performance.”

David Spade & Lorne Michaels: “Because everyone can fall down and whatever, but you can’t do it this good. He doesn’t put his hands up, which is what I would do. So he doesn’t block his fall, and you can’t do those forever. I think Chevy Chase warned him not to do that.  Because Chevy’d always had something there just before he fell so he could break the fall, but Chris was just taking it as paid. He wasn’t paying close enough attention to see that there was a way you could do it and not hurt yourself. His commitment was total.”

Bob Saget: “Then at one point there was a little fluffa that happened. There was a line that got skipped, and I just like pushed his glasses up and his eyes crossed. It was this delicate moment that made me very happy.  He came from that background where you pull everybody up – that you are there for everybody. You don’t leave anyone hanging. So when you are working with him, he was right there, helping you.  “Come on buddy”, you know, and that kind of thing.”

For a film review by Variety.com: “Film Review: I Am Chris Farley


  1. I didn’t realize this was out! It sounds good, i’d really like to see it! They play that sketch on SNL with him and Patrick Swayze a lot and it always makes me giggle. What a great comedic talent. Thanks for the review!

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  2. It is mine boggling to me that people like Chris Farley and Robin Williams dedicate their lives to making other people laugh and yet live in sorrow and darkness. Drug and other substance abuse is rampant in talented celebrities (think Philip Seymour Hoffman). Is the sadness among their contemporaries tinged with regret for not doing something about this self-destruction? Can anyone do anything about it?

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  3. Of course this is a must-see for me. He inspired my WordPress name; so much so that when folks do a quick read of my “About” page, they quite often refer to me as Matt.

    I am slow to correct them. He was brilliant. I felt his loss. 💕

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  4. he was all heart and truly gave it his all – i’d love to see this.

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  5. Carolann nailed it. There’s a tragic undercurrent here, a frenetic quality that brings to mind a soul running as fast as he can to stay ahead of his demons. Always had that same feeling with Robin Williams. Pure genius enveloping a void of sadness that can never be truly filled. Looks like a great film….

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  6. I hope it comes here. I always put him alongside John Candy. Big guys doing brilliant stuff.

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  7. jborden119 says:

    Thanks for making me aware of this; look forward to watching it.

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