No Words.


She stirred it.
d smith kaich jones, in lower case whispers, in truth and mirrors:

“there are days I don’t write because (very small voice)
sometimes I don’t believe

It begins innocuously.
It builds surreptitiously.
It ends perniciously.

A slow drip from a leaky faucet.
A Drip. Drip. Drip.
The Drops splash on cool stainless steel.
From Drops. To Rain. To Tsunami.
Now Paralyzed by its immensity,
you stare at the blinking cursor,
and find Yves Klein‘s deep deep blue of emptiness.

The Sails lie flat,
the Ship is adrift.
You wait for tailwinds.
You Wait, for Words.

Image: Cloudair (Dead calm, Atlantic Ocean, Canary Islands)


  1. Yes. This is the reason. I wait to write until my faith returns.

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  2. The Sails lay flat,
    the Ship is adrift??? I have to assume that yesterday the sails lay flat and today the ship is adrift. If the sails are flat right now, it should be: The Sails lie flat,
    the Ship is adrift.

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  3. And then there are times…the tidal wave of words. ☺

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  4. and then, out of nowhere, the wind changes

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  5. You’re lucky David. You don’t need to wait for words. And always seem to have some tailwind…often gale strength, sometimes a light breeze. But it’s there.

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  6. I too was unsure who wrote this. Now that I know it was you, I have to admit sometimes I have marveled at how you…and others write daily. Sometimes even more than once. I wish I had the talent to come up with a concise statement for the day, whether it be my own or a share from someone I admire and appreciate. And always…a beautiful view to go with the thought. It takes work…and it is appreciated.

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  7. So true.

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  8. I enjoyed every drop. Thank you!

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  9. and sometimes….you just jump in.

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  10. jborden119 says:

    I know the feeling, but could never have expressed it as beautifully and simply as you did

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