This whole thing is not about heroism. It’s about decency.


Roger Cohen, NY Times: Mow The Law:

[…] I am less interested in the inspirational hero than I am in the myriad doers of everyday good who would shun the description heroic; less interested in the exhortation to “live your dream” than in the obligation to make a living wage.

In Camus’ book, “The Plague,” the doctor at the center of the novel, Bernard Rieux, battles pestilence day after day. It is a Sisyphean task. At one point he says, “I have to tell you this: This whole thing is not about heroism. It’s about decency. It may seem a ridiculous idea, but the only way to fight the plague is with decency.”

Asked what decency is, he responds: “In general, I can’t say, but in my case I know that it consists of doing my job.” Later, he adds, “I don’t think I have any taste for heroism and sainthood. What interests me is to be a man.”

In the everyday task at hand, for woman or man, happiness lurks.

Don’t miss entire op-ed column by Roger Cohen, Mow The Law


  1. be the ‘decent’ man or woman – that is the key..

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  2. Very true. When we can find happiness in the everyday tasks and moments, we will always have it. 😎

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Decency …. one of the major “signposts” in our journey!!

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  4. I love the way you think and write.

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  5. Maybe it’s there already and we’re too busy looking for the next big thing to recognize it.

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  6. michael zahaby says:

    this thoughtful post resonated with me. It reminded me of my daughter, a very talented and dedicated special ed teacher, and her outlook on life and her career.

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  7. Sisyphus …hard to spell correctly, fun to say. Sisyphus . Love it. ☺

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  8. ‘it’s about decency.’ yes-

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  9. So full of truth David! Just be decent and show love towards others always. To remember it’s not about me, to remember we were all created equal, to remember we are all part of the human race will open the door for greatness in oneself that we don’t require or strive for. It just happens!

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  10. I love this. Decency seems to be heroic these days.

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  11. I like his definition. We have an innate knowing of what it is. Doing the right thing as men and women every day. Its a practice 🙂

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