Truth (and not just for the young)


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  1. Fabulous! Sharing on Facebook. 😀

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  2. Dittos. Destined to become a RB. Thank you.

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  3. Great advice.

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  4. Christie says:

    .Earth’s beauty is phenomenal, appreciate it, be inspired by it ..In design you draw upon an all encompassing wealth of knowledge…relationship is very important. Relationship to others,(which means respect & looking them in the face, study those faces), relationship to space, relationship to that tactical raw material…I like what Mr. Jay, says about working with your hands. The movement of hands with something in them (dirt, clay, dough, fabric, wood, paint brush,etc) activates the eye hand coordination, the brain and fosters creativity.. I will add that in the broad and micro world much observation (which includes being still enough to listen to the silence & attuned to listen to the active sound, the rhythm of your surroundings) must happen. One must also get out into nature, to saturate your eyes with color and form, your lungs with oxygen to help you be refreshed..In a big city like NYC with so much going on, movement and stillness, lively street fairs, cold starkness, so much great architecture, commercial and landscape,levels of light to spark magic. One must Not allow fear to paralyze. One must keep trying.. . try an idea, fail, try again, use what impacts you. own your outcome, as your passion feeds it….always be humble & kind. Stretch yourself, express yourself, know that your uniqueness is special…it is your own ‘brand’ legacy…your gift to others…. keep flowing.

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  5. WONDERFUL! Can’t decide which piece of advice I like the best. Thx for the share, pal…

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  6. Christie says:

    I also think a designer or any person should encourage another and give back to the community…

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  7. Number 1 is my mantra,because when I get that right, the rest seems to follow. A great list of wisdom. Thanks 🙂

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  8. I like them all… Great words of wisdom

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  9. Alex Jones says:

    Creativity comes from having new experiences, and doing old things in new ways, thus encouraging the brain to use new neural pathways, forming new connections in the mind.

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