There’s right and wrong, not just better or worse.


Frank Bruni in the NY Times writesWeary of Relativity:

“SAY anything critical about a person or an organization and brace for this pushback: At least he, she or it isn’t as bad as someone or something else.


Set the bar low enough and all blame is deflected, all shame expunged. Choose the right points of reference and behold the alchemy: naughty deeds into humdrum conformity. Excess into restraint. Sinners into saints.


Like I said, you can set the bar anywhere you want.

And you can justify almost anything by pointing fingers at people who are acting likewise or less nobly.


Everything’s relative.

Except it’s not.

There are standards to which government, religion and higher education should be held. There are examples that politicians and principled businesspeople should endeavor to set, regardless of whether their peers are making that effort. There’s right and wrong, not just better or worse.

And there’s a word for recognizing and rising to that: leadership. We could use more of it.”

Don’t miss Bruni’s entire Op-Ed essay: Weary of Relativity

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  1. Absolutely. Golden Parachutes come to mind.

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  2. Christie says:

    Pushback – Allowance of Complacency ? For some doing the right thing is hard. Perhaps due to laziness and lack of strength…not pushing forward in integrity…doing the right thing takes personal effort…if people recognized the influence they have….what might they do differently?

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  3. I non-judgmentally like this, David.

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  4. I bristled at the righteous journalism in this one. Then again, everything is relative. xo

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  5. It’s so much easier to look out than to look in.

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  6. Leadership…that bar needs to be examined constantly. ☺ Van

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  7. a matter of perspective, i like this. i used to work with frank b when he was a film critic here and i was in advertising. he was smart, fair, thoughtful and witty.

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  8. Excellent. We definitely need more high level/moral leadership.

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  9. Last two paragraphs are dynamite!

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  10. I like this. So often the term “relative” is used or maybe we should say abused. All things are not. Nice post!

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  11. Dave,
    I may be repeating this story, but I believe it fits well here.

    When a crowd is rushing in one direction and an individual is walking in the other, the individual seems insane. Until the crowd rushes off the edge of a cliff.

    Relatism is the modern world’s religion. It offers neither order nor peace, but rather chaos and conflict. For proof, all one needs to do is look around.

    The only ones who truly profit from relativism, are those who peddle it. Buyer beware.


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