5:00 PM Bell


Source: gif-tv


  1. Another one of those never-ending video clips that makes it hard to stop watching, waiting for something to happen. I don’t think that bird will ever get off the water. At least not until chapter 2.

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  2. I love this. But WHY AM I STILL AT WORK???

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  3. get your paddles movin’!

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  4. Thats exactly how to leave work on a Friday!

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  5. Love this! Smiling!

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  6. Too cute. I think I’ll name him Jesus

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  7. These are so cute…I left this running on my Kindle while I went to get an apple, and guess what? The birdie was flying when I came back. I had to learn how to do these.

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  8. seamless. that’s such a good one!

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  9. On his way to Happy Hour!

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  1. […] after work, I did a “5:00 PM Bell” at 4:00 and made the trek up to Charlotte to meet with some other Alumni from Mt. St. […]


  2. […] GIFs from my existing bird photos. I got the inspiration from a cute video GIF I saw on Live and Learn last […]


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