I think we shrink from the immensity of the purpose we are here for


Notes: Image from movie In The Heart of the Sea via splitterherzen.  Post title quote: Norman Mailer.



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  2. How well the photo supports the unfathomable hugeness of these words..

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  3. Speechless….

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  4. incredible. and both post today about the immensity to be found in life.

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  5. Wow! Great perspective today David.

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  6. I’m looking forward to this movie–a revisit of Moby Dick.

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  7. Could it be because “we” are afraid of drowning
    In the very simplicity
    of ‘this’ moment,
    Here; Now?

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  8. That kind of shrinking feels good. So right.

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  9. When we feel oneness and the connection to everyone and everything including the enormity of that whale!! only then can we really feel our immense potential and purpose in life 🙂

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  10. Christie says:

    Every moment we are all headed into the enormity of the great unknown…sometimes with thoughts so preoccupied, our eyes so dull & unaware, not ready to register what is below our feet, next to us, behind us, above us or in front of..we miss the opportunity to breath, to be one with ourselves & one with the great expanse out among the reality of life’s gifts ..and other times with our thoughts so eagerly hopeful, our eyes so brightly attuned toward the distant horizon we move forward with a determination to create, grasp memories and experience self growth in finding ourselves in the thick of it all, exploring life..laughing, living, loving, stretching, doing for other feeling content. We’ve become intrigued & comfortable in the mirco level surrounding us that we have the courage and drive to become individually and collectively engaged in life that we contribute on the macro level. …

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  11. Immensity in all of these words…


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