New Year’s Resolutions worth keeping

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15 Phrases That Will Change Your Life In 2015, The Huffington Post, Lindsay Holmes:

“How we speak — to others and to ourselves — has a huge impact on our overall outlook. So isn’t it about time we started paying more attention to what we’re communicating? Below are 15 phrases that will transform the way you think, feel and act in the coming year. Using your words to change your life? Now that’s a resolution worth keeping.”

  1. “Because”
  2. “Can you help me?”
  3. “I”m too busy”
  4. “I don’t”
  5. “No”
  6. “I’m grateful for _______”
  7. “Oh well”
  8. “Let’s Go”
  9. “Just breathe

The entire list and the background explanation on each word/phrase: 15 Phrases That Will Change Your Life In 2015.

Photograph by Bruce Weber of River Phoenix from Live Journal


  1. Seems so obvious…and yet how often do some of these phrases escape the daily lexicon? I will admit tho’ that I was grateful when I read the list and found that most were a common aspect of my daily language. Thank you for the reminder..

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  2. Good reminders. Like Mimi, most are in my vocabulary. I’ve been really working on “oh well.”

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    How we speak ….. this is a very good list!!

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  4. Really great advise. I am big on the “because”. It adds clarity to all we do. Not just wondering but having a purpose. However, sometimes it is great fun to just do something. But then that also has a purpose. Thanks David.

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    • Yes, “because” is important for the reason you mention. I’m working on the “Oh Well”, “Can you help me” and “Let’s Go”. Happy New Year Bill.


      • When we have the “Because” it is that we recognize that we just might not have all the answers which leads to the “Let’s go” and “Can you help me”. And when you have an understanding that differs from others that don’t see it the same way and a consensus can not be drawn, we should have the “Oh well” and move on.

        I love how you make me think about life. If I could just always live within these guidelines. Thanks David and Happy New Year to you also!

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  5. #5 is the hardest for me and #11 is what i try to live by. great list

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  6. I, too, was happy (and relieved) to see quite a few “old friends” on the list, but also chagrined to realize that there were several that I struggle with mightily, ‘no’ among them. I can say it to a cookie, but sadly oftentimes not to someone making a request or demand that I really can’t fulfill. Asking for help is also a challenge more often than I’d care to admit. Clearly work to be done…

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    • Interesting. With the exception of food (cookies including), it is so difficult for me to say “No.” With other things, no prob. That’s what makes us humans so fascinating. (Until you’ve walked in another Man’s shoes…)


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