I continue to be awed by my fellow bloggers in the WordPress community. Here’s another fine example.

Uncle Spike from Uncle Spike’s Adventures was searching “Photography” tags on WordPress when he came across the photo I shared in my Veteran’s Day post (Honor).  He “Liked” my post. I noted that his Gravatar had the camel photo above and my antenna went up.  I sent him an email asking for consent to share the photograph and we traded emails. He explained that he took the photograph north of Rumuruti in Kenya in 2007 and that “he rode this Beastie for 8 hours!” 

I read his About page and was hooked.  Here’s a small morsel:

“As you sit there reading this, I’m having a bash at fruit farming in Turkey, blogging and somehow I’ve also become a proof-reader for academic papers, conference articles and post-grad theses. It’s a curious mix I’ll admit…Nowadays, I’m within sniffing distance of 50, but always very busy, constantly reinventing. Being honest, I reckon I’m pretty content with life…”

Check out more here: Uncle Spikes Adventures.

Of course, prior to this interaction, the clock was ticking for the Wednesday Hump Day post deadline.

Coincidence? Serendipity? Synchronicity?

And Bam, here comes Uncle Spike to the rescue…

Note: Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. I was going to say “It was an honour/honor” David, but after yesterday, that would be tantamount to sacrilegious usage of the word. Suffice it to say, I’m chuffed the photo of old Spike has been picked up by a fellow bloggers radar, thank you. Best wishes to you and your readers, from a sunny day here in Turkey.

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  2. BAM indeed..

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  3. people. and camels. seem to drop into our lives at just the right time. helping us to get over the hump.

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  4. Thanks for the heads up. Love his blog.

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  5. Serendipity much? Here’s to Spike 🙂 MJ

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  6. Glad to meet another interesting blogger! Thanks David for introducing us to Uncle Spike! I love how we all connect!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I love Caleb … more and more every day!!

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  8. seek and ye shall find — read that somewhere………..

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  9. Now that’s a happy camel 🙂

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  10. I call it ‘no coincidencies’…great story! I’m checking out Uncle Spike’s Adventures now, especially since I have a soft spot for Turkey.

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  11. Bazinga! And yes, you must put Turkey on your bucket list, DK–a magical, mystical place….

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  12. Caleb at his best! He looks so happy and quite dignified. Thanks Uncle Spike!

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  13. That camel knows he is cool!!

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  14. Caleb–the great connector!

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  15. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Hi Caleb! Mwah 🙂

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  16. Hooray, a camel has brought two of my favourite bloggers together 🙂

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