A Case of You

Passenger (aka Mike Rosenberg) was in  Vancouver this month singing Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You” with Stu Larsen, The Once, Dan Medland and Chris Vallejo. Just how beautiful is Vancouver (and this tune)?!

Related Post: Diana Krall, A Case of You (Still, my all-time favorite rendition)


  1. Love Vaancouver!

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  2. Very nice. Thanks!

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  3. Beautiful harmonies and playing. And of course a wonderful song. Cool to hear the song and watch scenes of Joni Mitchell’s Canada.

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  4. i’d love to visit vancouver one day and love this music too –


  5. Perfection!

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  6. I love this song! I’m going to Vancouver at the end of October for a conference and I want to skip the conference and explore.

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  7. Gosh… So very beautiful ~ and calming, too♥

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  8. Yeah Passenger!! LOVE.

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