Drive up the Nostalgia Bus


Source: Rudyscuriocabinet


  1. oh, i love vinyl. and everything that goes with it. i flipped through albums just like this many, many times.

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  2. Instantly transported back to my childhood. My mom is listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington while she cooks dinner. Saaaawweeett….. Thx for the flashback, pal…. 🙂

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  3. The milk crates made the best storage containers for the old vinyl albums too. Boxes and boxes. I’m sure my mother wished we took care of our rooms half as much as we took care of our music.

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  4. Still have all my vinyl in storage downstairs..and youngest son has begun pilfering (grrrr…) – gently lifting the arm of the stereo to place it gently on the song I wanted to hear the most. Too many memories, so many songs streaming unfiltered in my head.

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  5. I read recently that sales of vinyl albums are up. There is hope for humanity!

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  6. Nostalgia at it best David!! …. and the bus is rolling along in our house 🙂 Can’t beat that warm full sound!
    Val x

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    Oh! Ho I remember looking through them!!


  8. Still have them at home!

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  9. Even listening to the scratches and jumping tracks on vinyl albums fills me with nostalgia.

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  10. We are so lucky to be of the generation that had vinyl, that we could hold music in our hands as well as in our ears/body. I miss the few I had – I think some may still be at my dad’s house and will have to gather them on my next visit.

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  11. Have been through it and I don’t like that feeling.

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  12. Oh my goodness, I can remember doing that flicking through records in the 80’s along with my brother at record stores or the amazing record library we had in the local town. It’s not the same flicking through cd’s or even worse – no you can’t flick through iTunes can you!! 😀

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