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  1. Been thinking for minutes … and can`t decide solely on one … I guess it really is both at the same time …

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  2. Simply stated, and so very true….


  3. You’re hitting all my buttons this morning, pal!

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  4. Wowsza, I love this David.

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  5. Yes.

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  7. i know this to be true.

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  8. Michael Zahaby says:

    I’m living that dream. You hit the mark mon ami

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  9. Wow. That is so true. Why do I have to keep re-reading it? It’s not going to change.

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  10. In a large way, that’s what The Giver (the book; I haven’t seen the movie) is about. Give me the pain and the pleasure. Going through life numb is not for me (even if it means I sometimes cry along with my clients).

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  11. I know it’s not the appropriate response to ‘half laugh’ at the above quote but I did laugh and it’s not because the quote is funny but because of the thought that we humans never let go of a chance when we can cherish the moments of feelings that make us feel good regardless of the fact that they are the ache of the soul. As you said a Blessing and Curse as well. Ambivalent.

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