Five Stages of One’s Career


Then there are the stages of one’s career: an old joke invoked the five stages of Joseph Epstein (supply your own name here): 1. Who is Joseph Epstein? 2. This is a job, clearly, for Joseph Epstein. 3. We ought to get someone like Joseph Epstein for this job. 4. This job calls for a younger Joseph Epstein, and 5. Who is Joseph Epstein?

~ Joseph Epstein, A Literary Education and Other Essays

Credits: Photograph – Tugbaumit



  1. So true…t all distills down to this.


  2. I was listening to “I’m Still Here” by Stephen Sondheim yesterday, a song about a career that included fame, and your post reminded me of this part:

    I’ve gotten through, “Hey, lady, aren’t you whoozis?
    Wow, what a looker you were”
    Or better yet, “Sorry, I thought you were whoozis
    Whatever happened to her?”

    Thanks, David!


  3. I once had a job with its share of “fame” and I almost got my own identity mixed up with that public presence. I decided to reclaim and recraft my own identity and haven’t looked back.


  4. it is all but a fleeting moment, we are shooting stars.


  5. Uh-oh, grim. But I guess it could be worse.


  6. From obscurity you came, to obscurity you shall return…..


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