Nelly Drell’s Nelly Drell

This is a photograph of Nelly Drell, a 35 year old Estonian artist. Now this next painting, is Nelly Drell’s self-portrait, an oil on canvas. Where on the scale of awesomeness does this land?


“She is able to mold an image even with the most erratic of brush strokes, lend it depth with the gentle tempering of tonalities, and what is most important – bestow on the image a sense of well-heeled cogency. Drell does not obfuscate her visions in a tactful or delicate artistic fog: she paints them with a pitiless honesty.” — Johannes Saar (art critic).

Find more of Drell’s work here:

Source: The Sensual Starfish


  1. I’d say REALLY far up on the awesome scale!!


  2. Agreed. Amazing.


  3. She’s very good.


  4. To have such talent would be a dream come true. So beautiful!


  5. it gave me a chill.


  6. Holy smokes…love this. so much!!!


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