We walk these streets

“A tribute to street performers, musicians, artists – people who make a living doing what they love. Life is Good.”

Notes: Music “Something Hiding for Us in the Night” by The Wooden Sky, a Canadian indie rock band based in Toronto, Ontario.


  1. Pretty cool.


  2. Ahh…life is good David!


  3. I think they know a secret…to happiness. And I think it’s because it all comes from something deep inside, doing what they love. There are quite a few artists in my family who actually make a living doing what they love, and they may not have much money, but I can tell that they are pretty happy. 🙂


  4. thank you … Awesome video!!! God bless!


  5. yes, they are a dedicated and hard working group of creatives, i am always impressed by their tenacity and ability to perform under the toughest of conditions.


  6. Do what you love. The rest will follow. It may not be your “dream” of what the rest is supposed to look like, but it will follow.


  7. We had a conversation last night about what success means. My friend said of her siblings that neither has much money though both live very fulfilling lives. And they’re happy. Sounds like success to me.


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  9. What would we do without street artists? They certainly bring Saturday afternoons in the city where I live alive, quite magical sometimes! 🙂


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