It’s all coming my way

For a man who holds a fork in one hand and a salt shaker in the other…Who’s been repeatedly scolded for the level of his salt intake…for salting his food before tasting it – – BooYah for me – – Boo Hoo to all my critics. You know who you are. New research spells it all out in Salt Guidelines Too Low for Good Health:

“Don’t toss out your salt shaker just yet: A new analysis from Denmark finds current recommended salt guidelines may be too low. The new research indicates that Americans consume a healthy amount of salt, even though daily averages exceed recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“For most people, there is no reason to change their dietary habits concerning salt, as most people eat what appears to be the safest amount,”

“…They found that low levels of salt consumption may be linked with a greater risk of death.”

Read more here.

It’s only a matter time. Life extension benefits of French Fries and Ice Cream are just around the corner.

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  1. “It’s only a matter time. Life extension benefits of French Fries and Ice Cream are just around the corner.” – Anything is possible anymore…so, maybe. Funny, David. 🙂


  2. Such good news!


  3. I think we must be related.


  4. Great news!! 🙂


  5. i’m a greasy, crunchy, salty, carb kind of snacker so this could be good news. and i always wait out the dueling coffee benefit vs. risk debate and it inevitably falls back on my side if i just hang in long enough)


  6. Don’t believe it for one minute. It’s a fake. You’ve been had. April Foll maybe?


  7. Let’s follow our instincts instead of research analysis…


  8. Did you ever see Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”? The discovery that chocolate and cigarettes and assorted other sins – all determined to be good for us… 😉


  9. I just read in this morning’s paper that ingesting liberal amounts of caramel is good for the joints, keeps them lubricated and rotating smoothly–important for a runner. Fuel up! 🙂


  10. Its only a matter of time until salt, French fries and ice cream have a prominent place in (on?) the for pyramid.


  11. And caramel! Can’t forget caramel!


  12. Very interesting – and I like salt too! 🙂 I heard a few years back that the doctor who did the research into the effects of salt on the body especially the blood and the heart, made it known that his report was being used inappropriately by various governments. What he actually found was that a higher intake of salt didn’t cause any harm on the body at all, didn’t cause heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, or kidney disease, unless a person was already suffering from heart failure. The extra salt would cause the body to retain some extra fluid, which for anyone with heart failure would not be good, as the body is already struggling to get rid of fluid. He was very annoyed that governments used his report and twisted what he said to apply to everyone – that was not what he found.

    How people live without any side effects from not eating any additional salt at all, I really don’t know, it can be very dangerous, especially if they live in a very hot climate. Maybe they aren’t telling the truth. People lie about not eating sugar, I’m sure they would lie about not eating salt. Enjoy your salt David – I do! 😀


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