The weight of you

Tom-Hiddleston  Tom-hiddleston-2

Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.

~ John Eldridge

Credits: Quote – Schonwieder. Photograph/Gif.


  1. Powerful and simple. And so very hard to do.


  2. Agree, powerful and simple. To the point!


  3. Yes and no explanation or excuses necessary.


  4. :: Love this ::


  5. This resonates. When I was in my mid-forties I discovered something about how people see me, and it was disturbing. It seems I’m a bit scary. Intimidating. Funny, because on the inside, I’m often shaking in my shoes. But I do have this drive that others don’t, and it comes out. Not in a mean way – I’m really diplomatic. But now that I know about the scary impression I can give, I’m careful. Except when I’m not. (see above.) Maturity is learning about oneself, isn’t it.


    • Wow. I can so relate to this Lynne. You speak and I see myself in the mirror. I just came across the passage in a book I’m reading. I thought you would enjoy it:

      What he saw of me could have revealed nothing about my self-doubting fragility that didn’t accord much with my proud, even arrogant posture. I put myself into his look, reproduced it in me, and from that perspective absorbed my reflection. The way I looked and appeared— I thought— I had never been that way for a single minute in my life. Not in school, not at the university, not in my practice. Is it the same with others: that they don’t recognize themselves in their outside? That the reflection seems like a stage set full of crass distortion? That, with fear, they note a gap between the perception others have of them and the way they experience themselves? That the familiarity of inside and the familiarity of outside can be so far apart that they can hardly be considered familiarity with the same thing?

      ~ Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon: A Novel


  6. the cure for invisibility….


  7. Reblogged this on THE STRATEGIC LEARNER and commented:
    Whoa … empowerment for sale here:)


  8. Resonating words today. Simply put, but deeply felt. LOVE. Thank you for this small gift to a soul who needed to hear it.


  9. Gulp….


  10. yes.


  11. For those of us who may have needed permission…


  12. Smiling.


  13. A little late to the party, pal, but as was the case with so many others, this resonated with me. I have wished on so many occasions that I could step outside of myself and see what others see, warts and all. I think it would be very beneficial….

    I also know how privileged I feel when others choose to share themselves with me, and so often remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with doing that myself. Ahhh, it’s all a process, no?…..


  14. I volunteer to feel the weight of Tom Hiddleston.


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