Just Perfect


I’m on the train, returning home, and rifling through blog posts on my reader.
My index finger pauses. Then stops.
You are perfect.
I stare.
You are perfect.
I am Perfect.
I am Perfect?
Who believes this nonsense?

No breakfast: And 1 granola bar for lunch. (No calorie diet after weekend gorging.)

No 8 glasses of water a day: Try zero. Zero liquids. (A head scratcher. Is that even possible? Are you a camel? An Android?)

No waiting for Walk Signals: I jaywalk in a criss-crossing of Manhattan streets, sheets of freezing rain slapping my trench coat. Eye glasses wet and fogging. (March 31. Please, Please make it Be Spring.)

No shortage of stupidity. I rub the rain-splashed-grime off the toe caps of my shoes with my hands, and instinctively reach for my suit pants. Black shoe polish. (I look around to see if anyone is watching.  Just me.  Who does this?)

No breaks: No pauses. No eye rests. No at-your-desk toe and leg stretches. (An accomplished All-Pro Back at the sedentary position.)

No Enjoyment of the Warming Evening Sun: Head down, as the crow flies, walk-running cross-town to catch the 6:30 pm Metro North. (Aware of no one. Aware of nothing. But the shot clock. More March Madness.)

No Perfection: Just another Imperfect Manic Monday.


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  1. You are the perfect amount of imperfect, David.


  2. viewpacific says:

    It’s great to see there can be perfection in even little things, like the fog on your glasses.


  3. You don’t *do* perfect, David, you *are* perfect.


  4. you are the only you. and that is as it should be. manic monday and all.


  5. Laughing at:
    “I am Perfect?
    Who believes this nonsense?”
    If being imperfect is like being who you are than I am glad you aren’t perfect as we all love you for WHO YOU ARE. 🙂 Hi 5!


  6. Practically perfect – nothing should be scrutinized too closely my dear friend – nothing holds up – not even a rose. It’s all practically perfect – and therein lies the wonder and the okayness – and the granola bars.


  7. This is a perfect example of you being too hard on yourself. Please be nicer to my friend, friend.


  8. Reblogged this on Bright, shiny objects! and commented:
    Yes, I am. Yes, you are…


  9. Awww…”forget your perfect.” You are perfectly imperfect, with a ton of light shining from within. 🙂


  10. What does perfect mean?


  11. Happy you made it through your perfectly imperfect day yesterday. Just don’t have too many of those in a row, every now and then is perfect.


  12. I’m with Carol – such perfection in imperfection. Let’s embrace it! 🙂


  13. We are all made perfect when we recognize our flaws-giving them a nod, because having known them, having given them voice…we grow; and sometimes laugh at ourselves. It is so important to laugh at our humanity. We are silly creatures really. Complicated, neurotic, amazing and beautiful. If we just learned to embrace all of the good and the bad-and call it friend-we could fly amongst the stars.That IS perfect. YOU are perfect. To me.


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