Men, Hat Tip To You.

Canada: 3. Sweden: 0.

Dear Men:

You’ll read the papers later today. They’ll say:

  • Undefeated and decisive. (Toronto Global & Mail)
  • Smothering (National Post)
  • Dominating. (NY Times)
  • Relentless. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Four lines deep that just kept coming. (Toronto Star)

We watched you lock arms and sing O Canada. We sang along teary eyed. Our bodies tingled as we watched our Maple Leaf raised.

From all Canadians and ex-pats, Bravo Men.

Gold. Canada Gold.


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  1. Even I hummed “Oh Canada”…


  2. Maureen Monte says:

    Congrats on a wonderfully played tournament (with coaches & leadership from MY detroit redwings…) 🙂


  3. yes, david, and i am in awe of them. cheers to them and canadiens everywhere and to the power of play.


  4. edward onofrio says:

    i must hand it to the Men and Women, well done. dominant.


  5. OMG


  6. I just woke up and it’s too quite outside. I thought we lost.


  7. We are all so incredibly proud!!


  8. The world is set properly on its access once more…. 😉 Congrats, pal….


  9. They played a great game!


  10. I didn’t get to see the celebrations on TV – they cut away after the game here (France). I did end up singing O Canada a few minutes later while on my way to the gym as there was reference to it in podcast I was listening to. The reference was unrelated to the game though I sang it in response to the win. 🙂


    • Awww, too bad. The 3-0 score understated the Canadian’s domination in this game. Swedes came out looking very good but the 2nd goal was a back breaker. And the Swedes were short 3 of their stars to injury or suspension and that hurt.


  11. We must strive to be good winners–that said–Yay Canada!


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