It’s easy to be bitter. It’s hard to live that way

“20 years ago, Steven Millward tragically broke his neck falling off a rodeo horse; now, he must call upon his friend, veteran horse whisperer Grant Golliher, to gentle the new colts about to enter his herd. Through Grant’s compassion and dedication to the horses, Steven becomes inspired to live his dreams of riding once again.”


  1. Love what he says about children having a calling. It’s so true and if we are quiet enough, as parents, we will observe it and know.


  2. And that was my calling I thought – to be a horse whisperer…city kid wanting to live on a ranch and just spend my days with horses. There is some irony though in loving these animals with such a sensitive hand and sensibility while also loving rodeos – where bulls are tormented with burrs under their saddles, calves are scared senseless as they run from being roped, etc. I don’t see it, I won’t see it. And then you look at this paralyzed young man who chooses to live his life without bitterness – and still returns to the scene of his accident as if it’s second nature. Perhaps it is. And long may he ride.


    • Yes Mimi. The Rodeo I could have done without. Adding a bit of dissonance to the watching experience. However the shots of Jackson Hole, the horses – all spectacular – as was Stephen’s spirit.


  3. Beautiful message and video.


  4. all living things are connected. some see and feel that more than others.


  5. It’s always so amazing to me…the strength which comes from tragedy. Some of the strongest people I have known, who see life more fully than a lot of us, are those whose lives have been struck by deep tragedy and deep sadness.


  6. Right On!


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    Right On!


  8. Very thought provoking David, very good to share this!! I know a man through WordPress who is a paraplegic. He has done tremendously well in gaining some recovery through an exercise programme designed to help the body make new connections, but has a some way to go yet. It’s good to be reminded of the many people that have lost what most of us take for granted. My own life may not be perfect, but seeing this causes me to appreciate what I do have – and no complaining! 🙂


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