SMWI*: Speed Dreams

Floating on puffs of air down the French mountainside.
Transfixed by the cinematography.
Producer titles his work: Speed Dreams. Just beautiful things. Yes. Yes, it is.
However, this exercise is not for the faint of (my) heart.

Ski Gliding is the air sport of flying a small, fast fabric wing, usually in close proximity to a steep slope, on skis.  The sport has grown rapidly since its inception in the 1970’s, particularly in France and Switzerland, with an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 speed wing pilots all over the world. Because of the fast flight speed (20-90 mph), and close proximity to the slope and obstacles, injury and death are considerable risks in this sport. Over 25 pilots have already suffered fatal injuries worldwide since 2006. Also, because of its small size and high wing loading, the wing responds quickly to little pilot input which makes professional instruction very important. (Source: Wiki)

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration


  1. this acrobatic and magical flight down the mountain is so beautifully shot, that i can feel a bit of what it it must be like somehow – just watching it in awe.


  2. I can’t even imagine the rush of doing this, the appeal, the draw…It’s gorgeous to watch.


  3. Amazing, though I wouldn’t have any worry of dying by crashing into something, as going 90mph downhill on skiis would simply cause my heart to stop. Full. Stop.


  4. This is wonderful, David, and it helped me today. Thanks so much!


  5. Its like flying. And he makes it look so easy, how could it possibly be dangerous?


  6. Oh, to be so close to all that is so beautiful… 🙂


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