Get in there and learn baby, NOW.

The tortured soul lives alone.
90-year Ed Bray served in WW II and served in Normandy.
He’s covered this up for 80 years.

Join me in being inspired by Mr. Bray. I was moved…


  1. I cried…’s never too late!


  2. Unfortunately, it’s saying we can’t look at this in Aus.


  3. loved his spirit and loved the reaction of the woman who helped him to change his life.


  4. I guess we Canadians don’t rank either…not able to view in our country.


  5. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow, so inspiring! One never knows what burdens people are carrying or what secrets they hide, does one?


  7. What’s his message David? Can’t see the video in Oz…


  8. His smile at the end “get in there and learn baby” – I’m a sloppy mess..


  9. Very powerful! If you don’t mind I’ll post it later with your link in it.
    Thanks for sharing this!


  10. Oh man, I’m blubbering. What a spirit, and God bless that teacher. When she started crying, I really lost it…..

    I volunteered as an literacy tutor when I lived in Virginia and worked with a gentleman in his 50s who, much like Ed, had carried his secret for many years. The guy worked in a job where he had to consult technical manuals regularly, so he *memorized* them all–had his wife or one of his daughters read them to him repeatedly until he got them memorized. Can you imagine? His determination once he decided he wanted to learn to read was epic. It was an incredible learning lesson for me as well–something that I do all day, every day, that is a constant source of joy, was a HUGE obstacle for this guy. To this day, every time I pick up a book, I think of Nelson.



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