~ JFK, May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963

Image Source: Dopediamond


  1. My father was a lifelong Democrat and a great admirer of JFK. As a WWII PT boat commander, he had a shared war experience with the future President and was one of three boats participating in the rescue of the PT-109 crew.



  2. Even though I hadn’t been born yet (I was born a little over a month later), I’ve heard the story of my mom, with her swollen, eight-month pregnant belly, nearly collapsing when she heard the news (She thought she was going into labor) that I feel like I did personally experience it. Watching all the footage of those beautiful, young, vibrant Kennedys, I still hope for a different ending. The tragedy memorialized JFK positively; had he lived to complete his term or a second, his legacy probably would have been much different. For if there is one thing Americans cannot forgive, it is the human-ness of our leaders. Rest in peace.


  3. I’m sure everyone who was living on that day remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing. I was 10 and I remember it like it was yesterday.


  4. A great man. He was killed a year before I was born, but I still feel like his death was a big part of my childhood…..


  5. Peggy Farrell Schreoder says:

    I was in 4th grade and still remember as if it was yesterday. It was afternoon and the class was reading silently when an announcement came over the PA that the President had been shot. Sr. Anne Cecilia asked us to close our books and pray quietly for the President. What was amazing is that all of us (from A student to class clown) did exactly what was asked.


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