Picture On My Wall

The Deep Dark Woods are a Canadian alternative country band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Find this song on their new album Jubilee (Sept, 2013) on iTunes at this link.


  1. Sounds like Neil Young. Love this!


  2. I agree – anything that is reminiscent of Neil Young gets my vote!


  3. lovely and soft and gentle and crosses over the genres, reminds me a bit of celtic music, with folk and country and all kinds of good measure.


  4. We’ve got a lot of great artists from SK, and this lead singer reminded me straight away of Neil Young. Loved the song/band, thank you. Saskatoon is also home to Gordie Howe and Joni Mitchell 🙂



    • I knew of both Howe and Joni. There are other great artists from SK? Was not aware of any others….(sorry)


      • the Northern Pikes (band), Tommy Douglas (Politician), Keith Morrison (MSNBC Journalist), Leslie Nielsen (Actor), Glen Scrimshaw (Artist – I have some of his artwork – check out his paintings of the Northern Lights – they look like photos – amazing!) and Buffy Saint-Marie (Singer) + a tonne of hockey players, of course :).


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