Enough to live


“It is only her in large portions of Canada that wondrous second wind, the Indian summer, attains its amplitude and heavenly perfection, — the temperatures; the sunny haze; the mellow, rich delicate, almost flavoured air: Enough to live — enough to merely be.”

Walt Whitman, Diary in Canada

Image Credit: The Laurentians in Quebec by Chicago Tribune. Quote: Thank you Perpetua.


  1. ‘enough to merely be.’ so well said.


  2. Reblogged this on THE STRATEGIC LEARNER and commented:
    Okay, I love the Heartland, but Kanigan is seriously tempting me here …


  3. O Canada!


  4. this inspired my haiku — “burning leaves” today – thank you


  5. I absolutely adore Walt Whitman 🙂
    Wonderful photograph, too. Those colours — wow!


  6. Somehow it’s more beautiful reading it from others’ post. Thank you, David.


  7. The colors are so amazing. The air smells so good and feels so fresh. Love it.


  8. There’s something so invigorating about this time of year–the air is crystalline with a whisper of winter, the trees are a riot of color, the animals are scurrying around in feverish preparation for the months ahead, the night sky is a glittering blanket–it’s as though the slate is being brushed clean. I just LOVE this season. And with that, I’m heading out for a long walk with the dogs… Ahhhhh 🙂


  9. The colours are beautiful, almost as if fall is trying to compete with the summer flowers one last time.


  10. I enjoyed being in Canada last week for your exactly those reasons.


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