Friday Night: Whitehorse

Luke Doucet, 40, and Melissa McClelland, 34, are the husband and wife duo behind Whitehorse.  The duo has won and been nominated for various Canadian Music Awards.  Their album ‘The Fate Of The World Depends On This Kiss’ won the Adult Alternative Recording of the year in 2012. They are based in Hamilton, Ontario. (Source: Wiki)

Whitehorse Official Website link.

Find this song on iTunes here.


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  2. Awesome…I didn’t know there was such a thing as Adult Alternative Contemporary – does that mean there’s a Kids’ Adult Alternative Contemporary? Does it involve kazoos and hitting two blocks together? 😉


  3. Shoot – I mean Kids Alternative Contemporary (scratch the ‘Adult)..more coffee,,


  4. Wow, those two are truly talented. I don’t particularly care for the song, but I love their talent. And I confess, I like the fact that kitty liked them enough to hang around too.


  5. Starts and ends with the kitty. I’m all in.
    With gifts I received for my birthday, I was able to get a few of the CD’s on my David’s Music I Want list. So so so happy-making! But, just when I cross a few out, new ones are added. Thank you.


  6. love their blend, even their physical looks reveal they were meant to connect and be one.


  7. I’ve seen Whitehorse twice and they were excellent both times. Love their cover of “I’m on Fire” 🙂


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