Running. With Zeke.

charlie brown hugging snoopy

64° F.
91% humidty.
Cloud cover low.
I’m sitting on the front stoop.
Zeke (dog) tucked in close to Mama.
Garmin finishes syncing up with the Gremlins.
I walk onto the street.
Strap on the head phones.
And turn the music up.
Take a deep breath.

I see Susan waving me back.

“Zeke’s crying.”
“Zeke’s crying?”
“Yes, I think he wants to come.”

It’s been four years.
Four years since we’ve run together. He was a pup.
Since then, a running dog that doesn’t run.

I let him off leash at the park.
He runs ahead.
Big ears flopping.
His foot prints marking the sand.
He accelerates.  Running down a seagull.
He looks back.

Get it Boy. Get it.”

Soft rain spitting.
Gentle wind gusts at our back.

Run boy. Run.

It ain’t over for us yet.

Image Credit: Your Eyes Blaze Out

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  1. So happy you took him to the park! 🙂


  2. Love the image of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. It suits your post perfectly!


  3. I KNEW this relationship had not seen its best days yet. Even mama’s boys love their dad’s too.


  4. One of life’s sweetest experiences, I think…being with your dog and just experiencing joy. 🙂


  5. you both are on the second half of your final lap around the big park – he knows this and wants to share it with you, one of his loved ones.


  6. Nothing better than a man and his dog…. 🙂


  7. Cute – he is certainly teaching you patience 🙂


  8. Alex Jones says:

    Life is a run, when you stop, you die.


  9. Nothing like a memorable run. And this is one to remember. Thanks for sharing this with me.


  10. Oh, wow, just like a dog. The minute you ignore him, he wants to come along. Oh, wait. That’s a cat…


  11. Zeke is a good “situational” decision maker 😉


  12. making my heart smile…i have such a soft spot for dogs…


  13. Such a sweet post, David. It was about time. 🙂


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