He’s playing the long game


“Justin Timberlake, 32, is playing the long game. He’s the Kasparov of showbiz. He has survived far longer than most artists, tracing an arc from pop-culture absurd — first appearing on the Mickey Mouse Club at age 11 — to pop-culture sublime, a solo career that has triumphed at a time when entertainment, and celebrity, have become more disposable than ever…

Timberlake, it has been said, has gone far on likability, which is also a way of mildly patronizing him…But what has let him bridge over multiple iterations and now three generations of fans has been a certain kind of generationally specific decorum: gracious, polite, patient, deferential. He may have you naked by the end of this song, but he will do so using Antioch rules.”

(Timberlake) ‘Y’know, life doesn’t happen in black and white.’ The gray area is where you become an adult . . . the medium temperature, the gray area, the place between black and white. That’s the place where life happens.”

~ The New York Times Style Magazine: The Enduring, Multigenerational Appeal of Justin Timberlake

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  1. he always seemed ‘likable’ to me, flying a bit under a radar, a good thing for a celeb i think, but hard to do i’m sure. funny, i just told my friend that i live ‘in the gray’ of life, rarely going into the black or white zones.


  2. He is a versatile singer.


  3. I’ve enjoyed the banter between you and ksbeth! And a nod of approval about this JT (as opposed to James Taylor who is the first JT) – he’s a talented man, and I think a smart one.


  4. A very funny guy too. I’ve always thought he was funny when hosting SNL….


  5. I have never liked his rap music, but then he sang “Hallelujah” with Matt Morris in the fundraiser for Haiti show a few years ago, so I know he CAN sing and has a gorgeous voice. What I love is his sense of humor–the way he plays around with Jimmy Fallon, his “All the Single Ladies” spoof. And he’s developing chops as an actor. Yes, a SMART man.


  6. “He may have you naked by the end of this song…” Well, probably not me… 🙂 Anyway, yes, I like Justin Timberlake, and I do agree that he seems gracious and polite and real.


  7. so aptly headlined — the long game — the game worth playing


  8. Love that quote. Very profound.


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