Right Brain Magic

This was the external firm’s third pass at showing their creative pitch. The prior two passes left me inspired. But, they fell short. Like that beautiful pair of Italian shoes that didn’t fit just quite right, it was “off” a wee bit. The team came back a week later. I was expecting a tweak. A tuck. A pinch.

He carried Round Three in a large black portfolio. He placed it carefully on the table. He said good morning. And set the stage as to the evolution of the various creative works that had been previously presented.

He slowly untied the strings on the case. He continued speaking. Our eyes moved to the portfolio. He paused for dramatic effect before opening the flaps. And then walked us through his team’s new recommendation…offering a complete overhaul.

Striking colors on large glossy poster boards.
First One. Then another. A third.
Followed by several smaller sizes carrying a similar theme.
Hand-crafted calligraphic lettering tastefully presenting content.
Our eyes drawn to the images…hummingbirds to nectar.

They nailed it.

I came across this video (unrelated to my experience) and it reminded me of the magical moment last week.

Beautiful. Intelligent. Captivating. Genius.

All those Right-Brainers out there, we Left-Brainers applaud you. Bravo!

My Keynote Address from Mike Brookes on Vimeo.


  1. nice!


  2. Excellent. I hope they win the best creative video ever.


  3. Really liked this.


  4. I am so impressed by people who are able to produce with such elan and creativity (and I’m a right brain person, so I say this with jealousy as well).


  5. Delightful, David!


  6. perfect


  7. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    nice. and i had a bizarre experience watching this. i didn’t realize another video had started playing in another tab – piano music – Chopin – and there was this awesome juxtaposition, which i thought deliberate, at the moments in the video where the words “too many voices” were onscreen. SO COOL!

    i was a tad disappointed to realise the truth


  8. Reminds me of an article that says:

    1. Creative people are more dishonest,
    2. Creative people have fewer leadership skills,
    3. Creativity is linked to mental illness.


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