Orca Fireworks

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Grindtv.com: “Visitors to marine parks have watched orcas perform all kinds of cute and fun tricks, but these sleek and powerful mammals perform their greatest acrobatics in the wild, without artificial stimulus. Capt. Garry Henkel of Aboriginal Journeys proved this emphatically with a spectacular set images captured last week off Campbell River, British Columbia. But even Henkel said he had never enjoyed a show quite like this one. “I’ve been on the water 40 years as a commercial fisherman, and the past 15 as a tour guide,” he said. “And this was by far the best show I’ve ever seen.” Henkel was leading a tour with eight passengers aboard a 28-foot boat, Laker II, on the back side of Quadra Island, when they encountered two family groups of orcas—about 12 total.

See the entire series of photos on the Aboriginal Journeys Facebook page or on Grindtv.com.


  1. It almost looks unreal..


  2. lkanigan says:

    For such an enormous mammal looks do easy & graceful.


  3. Incredible! They make it look so effortless. Who would think that an animal this big could soar like that. Absolute ebullience….


  4. I would love to see that! Amazing creatures.


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