Sleep. China. Leisure. Marx. Judging.

senior woman in black and white

Potpourri of articles that have lingered with me…and have fired up the thinking gene:

1) Extend our conscious life span by 150%.  The End of Sleep. (Aeon Magazine)
(DK: I need to get some of this “medicine.” Or, maybe not.)

2) Not Doing Better Than Our Parents. And Loving It. (The
(DK: Just what my kids need to read.  I can hear it already.  “See Dad. You have it all backwards.”)

3) Choking on China.  The Superpower That is Poisoning the World. (Foreign Affairs)
(DK: I’m not Mr. Green.  But, this.  This is frightening.)

4) A Man of His Times (Karl Marx). (NY Times)
(DK: Hard left. Hard Right. We’re all human. )
“He is an intensely loving father, playing energetically with his children and later grandchildren, but also suffering what would now be diagnosed as a two-year depression following the death of his 8-year-old son Edgar.”)

5) Change Your Thoughts About People For a Better Life. (Steve Aitchison)
(DK: I set a modest goal after reading this post.  No judging for 1 day.  Outcome: Fail. I’m workin’ it. First step in recovery is recognizing…you know the line…I’m on step 2.)

6) The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems. (Rosabeth Moss Kanter @ HBR Blog Network)
(DK: “It is hard to feel alone, or to whine about small things, when faced with really big matters..” YES.  Period.)

Image Source: GagaBoss Studio


  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    “medicine” in #1 – with you, Dave. i’m thinking not.


  2. Wow, David, such interesting reading…thanks my friend. And just so we’re clear on #5 ~ I try to keep my judging ONLY to birds that wear bonnets, that’s ALL. 🙂


  3. Quite an assortment of ideas. I definitely don’t need 150% more stimulus to prevent sleep!


  4. Fascinating panoply of ideas here, David. You never cease to amaze. Personally, I don’t think you get ANY sleep, as you seem to ferret out more interesting stuff in a day than I do in a week–incredible! Keep it coming–your blog is always food for my brain!

    And in the spirit of giving, I offer a link to a discussion that I heard recently and found fascinating. It’s an interview with a professor of marketing and psychology who’s written a new book on how subtle cues affect our thoughts and behavior. I found it intriguing…

    Cheers, Lori


  5. Ditto Lori…though I have nothing else to give this morning, other than the belief in the premise of the last article you mention.


  6. China….I need to get outside my little world a little more often…not sure if I’m wishing I was still blissfully unaware or incredibly thankful. The latter I’m sure. Thanks for you posts, Dave. Makes all the “little things” in my world seem so minute!!


  7. wow! The portrait is stunning, I love the wrinkles and the contrast. That is black and white at it’s best!


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