Nick Chase

Nick Chase was born in Sackville, New Brunswick and now resides in Toronto where he creates his glass art.  The piece below is titled “Shields” which is a Blown glass vessel with carved detail to represent the Canadian Shield.

Nick Chase, vase, glass vessel, glass, art, Shield, Canada, blown glass, design

Here’s more beauty by Nick Chase…this piece titled “Sargasso Leaf”

Art, design, blown glass, glass, vase, artist, bottle

The inspiration for Nick Chase’s art is derived from urban and natural landscapes. Starting with blown glass shapes, he emulates textures and patterns that he has found in the world around him. He applies these textures by sandblasting them onto or into blown glass. Through the use of color and with the transparency of the glass, his pieces become ever-changing forms when affected by different light sources.  Whether it is a natural or urban landscape which has inspired him, glass returns it to a state which centers around an organic origin, for glass in its truest state comes from the earth.  He is consistently influenced by the natural and urban landscapes around him and often refers back to his Eastern Canadian roots which are rich in vegetation and natural bodies of water such as the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean.

Source: and Nick Chase Designs


  1. Gorgeous!!!


  2. Fantastic!


  3. I’m always amazed at people’s talents.


  4. Stunning work! I am fascinated by glass art. Remember seeing an exhibition years ago at featured installations by Dale Chihuly (amazingly talented artist) and William Morris among others. I was completely mesmerized. There was just a Chihuly show at the MFA in Boston not too long ago–thrilling. Just can’t get over what these masters can do with this medium….


  5. Have watched a demo on glass blowing at Kootenay Forge Ltd. in Crawford Bay, it is amazing – so many beautiful things are made. Have acquired a few items myself. If anyone is around this area in the summer, it is a must see for sure!!


  6. Wow! Very beautiful.


  7. Unique combinations.


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