Saturday Afternoon with Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten, 31-year old singer-songerwriter, was born and raised in suburban New Jersey. Her songs are described as having some echoes of folk tradition but generally in a more personal, introspective space.  Van Etten’s folk music evokes the open landscapes and lonely expanses of Middle America.  A dedicated choir student during her childhood, she began writing songs on her guitar as a high school student and, upon moving to New York, start playing them in concert.  She has released three albums including “Tramp” in 2012.

Sources: Thank you Colddeadheart for introducing me to Sharon Van Etten. Wiki and Itunes Bio were bio sources.


  1. There’s a little of Chrissy Hynde in here..I like it a lot..Goes well with hot apple cider.


  2. *Such* an interesting voice and Mimi’s right, shades of Chrissy Hynde in there. Very nice! I just discovered a singer that I’m really likin’: Imelda May. Do you know her? Check out “Knock 123” from Love Tatoo. Fabulous! Happy Saturday evening, David!!


  3. I really need to read the comments sooner. I was trying to figutrre out who she reminded me of, and Mimi had it pegged already.


  4. And I hear Cherry Poppin Daddies… her!


  5. I absolutely love this video and song. The lead singer is fabulous, kind of mix between Pat Benatar, Diane Schuur, and Brian Setzer. A pretty cool mix.


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