Beethoven. Peanuts Gang. 1-2 Punch.


Ludwig van Beethoven was born on this day in 1770.  Here’s Schroeder and the Peanuts gang on a Youtube video.  At 57 seconds, Snoopy comes on.  And again at 2 minutes. Impossible not to smile.

Image Source: this isn’t happiness


  1. Whenever I think of Beethoven…I think of that Belushi/Newman/Radner skit from the early days of SNL…..anyone else remember that? I think I will find that and post it at SVU later today.

    And don’t forget that the Sirius Symphony Hall feed will be celebrating all day today and tomorrow….


  2. I am a great fan – still watching – brilliant!


  3. I laughed throughout..Snoopy falling asleep much to Schroeder’s dismay, his happy dance with Linus (which is just the most contagious dance in the world), Schroeder’s laudable intensity and passion in the face of Lucy and the little Red Haired Girl. Sigh, how one has to suffer for his art..


  4. Brilliant, and wonderful music to smile by. 😀


  5. Snoopy is just the best!


  6. Thanks for the glass of Beethoven, David.


  7. “Money! Who cares about money? This is great music I’m playing. Playing great music is an art. Do you hear me? Art art art art art…”
    Awesome stuff! Now I’m going to go play some Beethoven 🙂 Thanks David!


  8. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    LOVE IT!!! You knew I would 🙂
    So many great moments:
    1. “Don’t tell me I’ve grown accustomed to THAT face.” Just saw My Fair Lady a couple of nights ago – this is funny.
    2. No one has ever told me I have pretty eyes while I’m playing Beethoven (or anything else) but I’m sure it would unnerve me, too – who knows WHAT effect Beethoven would have at that point?
    3. A small glass of Beethoven. LAUGHING! No such thing exists 🙂
    You’ve totally made my day, Dave.


  9. So the Boston Tea Party was really to celebrate Beethoven’s birthday? 🙂


  10. Uggggggggg…! That was cute, Dave…
    I like my Beethoven in a glass too…! 😉


  11. “You never know how Beethoven is going to affect someone” No, you don’t. I’m smiling from ear to ear! Thanks, David, I am so enjoying your posts!


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