I have come from so far away…Down the road of my own mistakes…My soul renewed, and my spirit free…I’ll find my peace.

~ Michael McDonald, Peace


  1. A unique sound that never disappoints. Love Michael.


  2. What a unique voice he has. One of my all time favourite singers.


  3. Did someone say ‘karma’? One of my favorites…saw him at Wolftrap this summer (he and Boz Scaggs shared the bill). He still brings it – a little rounder, some high notes replaced with something more tolerable, but gives it all he has. Boz on the other hand sounds exactly the same. Yes, I know you didn’t ask.


  4. Perfect listening today … loved the lyrics and read them while listening to this wonderful music. I will be back to listen again. Thanks for pointing the way.
    – Michael


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