Happy Birthday Old Man.

Neil Young, the legendary Canadian born singer and songwriter turns 67 today.

He can’t sing. He can’t play.  He’s great.

– Tom Earls

Source: Yet, another great post from Rob Firchau @ the The Hammock Papers.  Thank you Rob.


  1. Happy birthday indeed! Love that song.


  2. Yikes! That makes me feel old 🙂


  3. One of our favourite Canadian legends. Still a great performing artist!


  4. Fabulous song. I can’t believe he’s 67. Makes me feel old. 🙂


  5. he is my musical hero seeing twice in UK Wembley on the buggles tour and Finsbury Park – never seen him with Crazy Horse though


  6. Growing old gracefully is my new goal.


  7. Keep on rockin’ in the (free) world


  8. Ah Neil…Happy Birthday!! When I read a recent interview with him (he was promoting his autobiography) it becomes clear that it is through sheer grace and the universe that he lived to see this birthday..


  9. Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall (1971) is money…


  10. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Can’t comment on the playing, but agree that he can’t sing – he’s always flat and is the first to admit it. He said it was his trademark 🙂 Still – an enduring and endearing Canadian icon. Harvest Moon gets me every time.


  11. Love this. I grew up with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Still one of my favorites. (Am I dating myself?) Thanks for the memories.


  12. They can say he can’t sing, can’t play but he makes you listen!


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